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False. False.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Are you sure the second level is posible? Even the most perfect jump i could come up with was not enough to reach the other side, i may be missing something.
If the invisible pit at the end of the first level was an attempt to make the game frustrating you failed, wich is good, why would you want your game to be frustrating? It was actually pretty satisfying to repeat the level a second time knowing how the game works and managing to make it twice as fast.
I gave up on the second level and went back to the menu screen to try the third level, despite the fake plataforms it was also pretty fun.
My main complain is not being able to even properly start the second level, the game is also completly devoid of any sound...
From my own experience, i belive is not a good ideia to start a game with such a complicated challange right out of the bat, regardless of genre.

Ducraw responds:

The game is a prototype, the second level is beatable but I didn't add enough for the player to understand the concept of the level. I will fix that in the next month